India's Supreme Court Mulling Online Poker
    India, a country with more than 1.25 billion people, is currently taking a look at the legality of online poker for real money. According to, on Wednesday, the Indian Supreme Court continued to hear arguments about whether the ...

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    India Online Poker Fate Rests with Supreme Court
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    India online poker and the country's Internet rummy games may not immediately seem to be related; while many people know that gin rummy has frequently been played for money, and even for high stakes, it's not a major part of the online gambling ...

  • Poker Operators Wait for Supreme Court Ruling
    Tight Poker
    Operators of rummy and poker gaming services and millions of their Indian customers are eagerly waiting for the Supreme Court of India to deliver a verdict that could clarify the legalities of playing these games in the country. The Supreme Court is ...

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    Online Rummy And Online Poker Remains Legally Risky In India
    Online Rummy And Online Poker Remains Legally Risky In India Rummy and poker entrepreneurs in India have high hopes from the litigation that is pending before the Supreme Court of India. They believe that the outcome of such litigation may help them in ...

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    Monsoon Adventure: Gambling and Poker Trips
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    If Goa is the casino capital of India, then Bangalore is the poker room capital–with plenty of them having mushroomed since the Karnataka High Court ruled in favour of Suresh Nathuvad of the Indian Poker Association (IPA), differentiating poker from ...